Interactive Anti-Loneliness Quilt for Hospitalised Children

August 12, 2013

Young designer Joshua Barnes has invented a patchwork quilt for hospitalised children which delivers messages from family through images of animals.

Young designer Joshua Barnes has invented a comfy patchwork quilt for hospitalised children. Using enhanced reality technology, the quilt delivers soothing messages from family and friends through images of animal characters and plants. Each of the twenty squares has an image of a multi-coloured animal, which is designated to a friend or family member. Messages are then left for the patient who can use a smartphone or tablet to access them, through the Aurasma app. It uses the camera to recognise the unique image and play the relevant content that appears on the screen.

That might not sound too cozy but research has shown that the combination of these heartfelt messages, and the physical element of holding and cuddling the quilt stop the child from feeling lonely. Barnes says, “It [plays] into the idea of the quilt being a magic object and playful for the child, and hopefully it all adds up to making it an easier experience for them.”

proffessional quilt philippa

The anti-loneliness quilt, Barnes enlisted illustrator Morgan Faverty to help him create a series of geometric creatures (click to see larger)

Animals-final IMG_8559 IMG_8570 IMG_8605

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