Naomi Paul: Crocheted lamps are in the spotlight from London to California

May 06, 2013

Naomi Paul is an interior product and textile design company, specialising in traditionally hand crafted innovative objects and materials for interior spaces.

Traditionally hand crafted innovative objects are at the centre of Naomi Paul‘s design process. Using sustainable and local materials, the British Textile designer focuses on creating objects and textiles that serve a purpose through good design and skilled craftsmanship. Each product is sourced from surplus cotton and silk mainly from the fashion industry, which is then crocheted by hand to form each lamp.

The award-winning OMI Pendant Collection was launched in 2011, and aimed to create flat pack lighting that is timeless in design yet opulent in nature. The strong shapes contrasting with the soft materials can be used in a number of interior settings to create a calm ambience, each piece holding its own unique narrative.

OMI pendants are available in limited edition colour-ways, making them interchangeable according to the seasons, each lit with award winning Plumen low energy bulbs by Hulger.





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